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Congratulations Gary Wood

Congratulations to our Service Manager, Gary Wood, who was recently invited to become a member of the Peterbilt Mobile Service Council.

Congratulations to our Service Manager, Gary Wood, on being invited to be a part of the Peterbilt Mobile Service Council!

Gary is one of eight representatives from Peterbilt Dealerships across North America invited to be on the Peterbilt Mobile Service Council. The goal of the council and its members is to work together to enhance Mobile Service through new, improved and more efficient ways to serve customers. Through collaboration and teamwork, members will work together to discover creative solutions to overcome any problems that Mobile Service departments face across all Peterbilt networks.

A key concept of Mobile Service is to provide additional support to customers, through parts and servicing. The future goal is to further enhance the service by embedding Mobile Service Technicians into customer fleets and bases, in addition to providing the current emergency and roadside assistance. The Peterbilt Mobile Service Council looks forward to making this goal a reality. In conjunction with this, for the first time this year, the council will be working more closely with Paccar Parts by incorporating them within service operations to better assist and serve customers.

Stahl Peterbilt prides itself on being an industry leader in all areas of our business. Mobile Service has been a key component in our business for this being the first dealership to use Peterbilt trucks for their mobile service vehicles. Gary has been an integral component in making that happen, making him a natural fit for the Peterbilt Mobile Service Council.

“I am incredibly excited and honoured to not only be a voice for Mobile Service and Stahl Peterbilt, but to represent all the Canadian dealerships within the Peterbilt network” notes Gary, “I am looking forward to seeing what the Mobile Service Council can do to assist in the growth of Mobile Service throughout the Peterbilt network.”

We are extremely proud of Gary for representing Stahl Peterbilt on this council and look forward to seeing his contributions helping to enhance Mobile Service further at Stahl Peterbilt and the positive impact he will have for all Mobile Service departments across North America.

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