The Diesel Particulate Filter is an integral part of the aftertreatment system on every 2007 and newer vehicle.  The DPF requires a regular cleaning to keep your engine performing at peak power and efficiency. We recommend maintenance and cleaning of your DPF every 4,500 hours.  By following a regular schedule of DPF maintenance you will experience better fuel efficiency and less downtime due to DPF failure.  

We use state of the art FSX Cleaning Equipment that provides the best clean every time on all makes and models.  Our DPF cleaning equipment is the most effective and consistent in DPF cleaning technology today.  With our industry leading cleaning technology, our certified Heavy Equipment Technicians give you the cleanest clean every time so your truck can perform at its best on the road. 

Extend the life of your DPF and avoid replacement costs of a new filter by scheduling a DPF cleaning appointment at any of our three Stahl Peterbilt Service locations. 

Edmonton: 800.252.7981

Grande Prairie: 888.539.5414

Fort McMurray: 866.715.5111

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