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A Legendary Reveal

Peterbilt revealed a new, simply legendary, truck model. The 589.
Peterbilt Motors released its Legendary Model 589 at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas. Stahl Peterbilt's sales team had the opportunity of attending the launch event where they got to take in the festivities such as a Ride & Drive of the 589 and other Peterbilt trucks, manufacturing facility tours, special customer VIP events, Peterbilt Pride & Class Truck Show and live entertainment from Southern Rock Band Whiskey Myers.

Sales Vice President, Pius Bender said of the event "inLegendary 589  the 30+ years I have sold Peterbilt this is by far the single best product launch in the company’s history. The Peterbilt mystique and legend as well as the pride of ownership was on full display in the Pride and Class truck show featuring over 250 units ranging from a 1939 Peterbilt right up to new. Thousands of people in attendance at the Texas Motor Speedway flooded the stage for the unveiling of the new 589. It was an excellent production, and I was proud to be a part of this history!"

The 589 Model is a play on the classic Peterbilt trucks, featuring a robotically assembled cab, an aluminum hood, multiple sleeper configurations, a wrap-around grille crown with triple bars, rectangular grille mesh, and the signature bird ornament.
Three 589s
 Additional exterior features include bold 15-inch air cleaners, 7-inch exhaust stacks and exhaust shields, and Peterbilt's distinguished exterior lighting package, with LED daytime fender-brace running lights for a stunning front-end look.

With innovative technology and engineering, this model has features such as an air-assisted hydraulic clutch on manual transmissions, which reduces driver fatigue and maintenance, and the latest collision mitigation for improved driver safety. It also features advanced driver technology and other features like predictive cruise control are incorporated to lessen the environmental impact of a traditional truck.
Taking feedback from drivers, they modelled the interior design to best589 dash cater to the driver’s needs. Elements such as an entry with larger tread for easier enter/exit, a contemporary panel for reduced glare and increased visibility, automatic climate control, larger dual cup holders and more storage overall were a few of the features for this new model. In addition, there will be an individually numbered special plate on the passenger side dash for the first 589 Model 589’s.
We look forward to seeing these new models in action as they hit the road for our customers!

To watch the 589 reveal clickhere ! Or for more details on the Legendary 589 Model clickhere!
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