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2016 Peterbilt 367

VIN # 295247

This new 2016 Peterbilt 367 is now available at Stahl Peterbilt. For more information, give us a call at 800.252.7981.


  • Engine MakeCummins
  • Engine ModelISX15
  • Horsepower550
  • Wheelbase267
  • TransmissionFuller
  • Transmission ModelRTLO18918B
  • Transmission Speeds18
  • Interior StylePlatinum
  • Rig UpVac


  • Hood123" Fbrgls Sbfa
  • DescriptionVocational
  • Sleeper Style72" Ultra
  • Front Axle MakeDana
  • Front Axle ModelD2000F
  • Rear Axle ModelT69-170H
  • Axle Ratio4.1
  • Rear Suspension ModelAIR TRAC
  • Interior ColorArctic Gray
  • Diff LocksBoth Axles
  • Rear Susp MakePeterbilt
  • LOCKED: Ignore On Updatetrue

  • 188 BLL Trailer Mounted Vac System
    • Shall withstand 25 psi internal pressure at full vacuum; and 15 psi external pressure
    • 36' Long tank
    • 8" heavy duty internal shutoff with 6" S.S. float ball/cage assembly and neoprene rubber seat
    • (3) Self-cleaning anti-surge baffles with 1" formed lip top and bottom for strength
    • (2) Recessed liquid level indicators with 6" stainless steel float ball, shaft, and activator arm
    • 4" Pipe construction overturns with repads and gaskets. Top, front, center, and rear of tank
    • (2) 4" betts air open/spring closed valve, aluminum camlock fittings, water jacketed for heat
    • Single 6" pneumatically actuated butterfly valve
    • Hydraulic hoist system with 40 ton, 320" stroke, single action hoist cylinder
    • Spool valve body for control of: vacuum pump, rear door, hoist, and vibrators (2)
    • Glycerin-filled stainless steel vacuum pressure guage, hydraulic pressure guage
    • Hydraulic oil cooler, air over oil, in standard equipment
    • Air quip hose and fitting are standard for quality and lower maintenance
    • HIBON VTB 820 vacuum pump
    • One 6" exhaust silencer, one 6" intake silencer
    • No disconnect 6" piping to allow tank to dump with vacuum system connected with vacuum pump
    • LED lighting with truck light make seal beam lights at the rear, clearance lamps, reflectors, clearance markers, junction box, two rear spot lights, all wiring in plastic tubing chrome work lights, 2 front and 2 rear
    • High capacity cyclone moisture trap assembly with 12" full opening hatch and 2" quick acting brass drain valve, drivers, side deck
    • Dot bumper for protection of external valve expanded metal platform/step assembly and rear dirt shield
    • Rear aluminum fenders x/w alum hose trays 1/8 checker steel-decking front of trailer
    • Complete unit sandblasted, primed, and painted with 2 coats of Endura paint
    • Appropriate grab handles, safety post for hoist and rear door, 20lb fire extinguisher
    • Hydraulic lock dock system to hold down for transportation
    • Mud flaps on front and back axles, extra flaps as required
    • Aluminum console includes: all wiring for hour meter, all light switches, PTO switch, air valve control, hoist control, pump switch, all breakers, relays and access panel. Mounted on floor between driver and passenger seats

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