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2015 Peterbilt 567

VIN # 290201

This new 2015 Peterbilt 567 is now available at Stahl Peterbilt. For more information, give us a call at 800.252.7981.


  • Engine MakeCUM
  • Engine ModelISX15
  • Horsepower550
  • Wheelbase290
  • TransmissionFuller
  • Transmission ModelRTLO18918B
  • Transmission Speeds18
  • Interior StylePremier
  • Paint ColorA - L0006eb White - Stand
  • Rig UpTank


  • HoodAlum 121 Voc
  • DescriptionVocational - Class 8
  • Sleeper Style44" Low Roof
  • Front Axle MakeDana
  • Front Axle ModelD2000F
  • Rear Axle ModelT69-170H
  • Axle Ratio4.1
  • Rear Suspension ModelAIR TRAC
  • Interior ColorTitanium
  • Odometer66
  • Diff LocksBoth Axles
  • Rear Susp MakePete
  • LOCKED: Ignore On Updatetrue

  • Jasper Stainless Steel Tank
    • Crude/water
    • 22,000 litre capacity
    • 93 degrees celcius maximum temperature
    • 62"x102"x23' tank
    • Full length roll over protection to meet requirements of TC406 code
    • Two drain tubes installed in front tunnel end c/w PVC hose tube down front head through frame mounted hose end holders
    • Mild steel grip strutt ladder - install front drivers side corner mount
    • Mild steel checkerplate platform - install front drivers side, corner mount
    • Full collapsable railing
    • One - 16" code manlid c/w aluminum vent - install close to mid tank on tank centerline
    • Supply and install lifting lugs as required
    • Four decal holders, one mounted on front of tunnel, two mounted on tunnel sides, one mounted on rear ventline man height
    • One - Titan electronic level guage with readout in underslung
    • (2) 3" mild steel schedule 40 ventline, from behind manlid offset to curbside and drivers side extend to rear of tank through collared opening in rear tunnel end, 90 degree down at 10 degree angle to curbside and drivers side install type A aluminum camlock and cap
    • (2) 3" A/S vent valves (one for each line) mounted on tank below top of tunnel
    • 8"x4" sump - install spprox 12" back from front head on tank centerline
    • Air over spring operated external 4" flowplus valve (Buna seat)
    • 4" Mild steel plumbing from sump valve through collared opening in drivers side tank frame in underslung cabinet hook up to product pump
    • 4" curbside plumbing with 4" manual valve, camlock and cap
    • 4" T&E 110W steel gear
    • Grease manifold for Bowie pump
    • 1" drain in underslung plumbing
    • 30,000 Btu heater installed in under slung pump cabinet with switch in cab c/w summer by-pass
    • Heated sump donut
    • Heated donut on curbside valve
    • Poly urethane foam insulate underslung cabinet floor, doors, and rear wall
    • Jasper tank and trailer mounting package c/w Jasper Tank heavy and upper and lowertie-down brackets, 1" x 3" high density neoprene pads installed in tank frame channel
    • Jasper tank static reel c/w 100' of line
    • LED lighting system installed c/w all required clearance lights, 4" round truck signal and brake and backup lights, mounted fender end lights box
    • Work lights: 5 - LED work lights, 1 - front tunnel end point to rear, 2 - mounted front sides of tank point to rear, 2 - mounted rear tunnel end point to rear, 1 - LED strip light mounted in pump underslung cabinet, 1 - LED strip light mounted in curbside underslung cabinet
    • Jasper Tank mild steel sloped ribber fenders - drivers side fender mount up to pump under slung cabinet
    • 3" flat bar hose olders c/w cables and quick connects, 3 per side fender mounted
    • (4) Jasper tank 5-hold mudflaps
    • (2) Jasper tank and trailer 5/8" Mild steel rob antisails painted black
    • (2) Post-style chain hangers one installed on drivers side and one installed on curb side of tank
    • Steel shot blast, prime and paint with Endura paint to match cab
    • Jasper tank and trailer mild steel mounted items will be steel shot blasted, primed and painted black with Endura paint
    • Tank reflective tape package installed
    • Rail road crossing decal

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